Adobe CS4 Annoyances

This will be (maybe) an ongoing list of things I find annoying in CS4. If anyone out there knows of workarounds for these items, please let me know. (And yes, I will submit these items to Adobe.)

  • The Splash Screen. Why? The splash screen sits on top of everything else on my desktop, preventing me from doing any work for as long as 10 seconds. Thanks. Knowing that my user profile is loading is really some top notch information. At least let me turn this off in Preferences. Update: I just noticed that the Dreamweaver splash screen does not stay on top of other applications. Why does the Flash splash screen do so? Update2: A comment on this site suggests using F11 (on a mac) to bring up the desktop, then creating a new window in whatever program you’re using. This doesn’t seem to work for me, but I did discover that if I use Leopard’s “Spaces” feature and open Flash in its own space, I can move back to other spaces and the splash window is not present. Hooray!
  • Default Save Location. When I choose “Save As” (in Flash, at least) the default location to save files is the last folder I saved a file. Why isn’t it the folder containing the file I just opened? I am always jumping from project to project so the default folder is almost always incorrect. I can’t imagine any benefit for choosing the last used folder. Lame. Again, can’t we make this a preference setting?
  • Saving as CS3. I don’t know of too many people working in CS4. Almost none of my co-workers use it. Can’t I choose to always save as CS3 by default? Once again, a simple preference setting would make this so easy.
  • Default keyboard shortcuts in Flash. By default, “Z” brings up the “Bind Tool” instead of the Zoom Tool. Whatever that tool does I’m sure it’s great, but why does it get the “Z” shortcut?? I can only imagine the ratio of Zoom Tool usage to Bind Tool usage. 1000 to 1? Maybe 10000 to 1? And, hello, “Zoom” starts with “Z”. Duh. And “Z” still brings up the Zoom Tool in Photoshop. Annoying inconsistency. Update: When I went to specify my own shortcuts under preferences, I saw that the Zoom Tool is called “Magnify”. That sort of explains the “M” shortcut, but for all the other reasons I’ve listed, it’s a dumb default.
  • Speaking of keyboard shortcuts, why is Command-R the option to view rulers in Photoshop, but to view rulers in Flash it’s like Command-Control-Shift-Function-Alt-R? Command-R in Flash is “Import to Stage”. Two things wrong here: 1) Why don’t the commands match? and 2) Viewing rulers must be a more common action than importing to stage, isn’t it? Please, somebody set me straight if I’m wrong here.

I know keyboard shortcuts can be customized but why are they so goofy out of the box?

Update (5/7/9): According to a comment to this blog entry, the “Save As” issue goes back several versions. Adobe’s excuse is “something like saving as an earlier version wipes out your undo history.” Lame.