My Experience with Comcast – Part 2


My internet connection has been going in and out over the last few days and now it’s completely out. I called tech support tonight (well, technically my wife called them) and they said my modem was “outdated.”

This explanation seems less likely to be accurate and more likely to be a lazy excuse on Comcast’s part to not look any further into the issue. Why would the modem suddenly become outdated? Isn’t it more likely that something suddenly happened with the service?

Also, my modem is an ARRIS/Motorola SB6121 SURFboard DOCSIS 3.0. I’m no modem expert but I think that’s a pretty popular and well-regarded modem. If it’s outdated for some reason, I think a lot of people would be making a stink about it.

AND … Comcast has tried to blame my modem in the past and of course they were dead wrong (as I documented in my earlier post about Comcast).

I posted most of the above to the Comcast Help & Support Forums. Other posts seem to get pretty well-informed responses. Maybe I’ll get lucky.


After two days without internet I figured I had to do something. So I went into my local Comcast store and “rented” a modem. It’s $10/month, but I have a strong feeling I will be returning it soon because the problem is with the line, not the modem.

I took the modem home and hooked it up, then called Comcast as instructed to finish the installation. After losing a half hour of my life in the fruitless effort to get a proper connection to the new modem, I scheduled a tech support visit for Sunday (three days from now). This means I will have had no internet service for five days thanks to Comcast misdiagnosing my issue, but it looks like that’s the best I can do.

Comcast is really terrible.


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