Drupalcon SF 2010 Day 3 Review

My third day at Drupalcon started with a most curious session: “Top 100 modules.” How was the presenter going to discuss 100 modules in only 60 minutes? To my pleasant surprise Deborah Fuzetto did about as good a job as one could be expected to do. Her presentation was especially good for a relative novice like me, a quick overview of popular modules and a description of how they are most commonly used. I hurriedly took lots of notes.

Next up was Wednesday’s keynote by Whitehouse.gov representative David Cole. The presentation was brief but informative. It’s reassuring to see Drupal being used for such a high-profile Web site that serves up lots of data.

I struck out during the post-keynote session, I attended a contrib development session that was over my head, then I jumped over to a session about UX development within Drupal. I had been keeping an eye on the #drupalcon Twitter posts and saw good reviews coming from that session, but by the time I got there it was over.

My last session of the day – and the conference as a whole – was “Module Building for Beginners.” The intention of the session was to show the development of a very simple module from scratch. The presenters moved very quickly. I was trying to follow along but it was very difficult. I encountered a hiccup early in the development of the module and the session was almost lost. I managed to get things working again and barely hung on for the rest. As I had hoped, I came away with the very basics for building a module.

All in all, Drupalcon 2010 was three days well spent. I learned more about theming, module development, key contributed modules and how to use them, what’s coming in Drupal 7, and some SEO info. The level of knowledge I gained wasn’t deep in any one area, but it was about all I could have expected with my current level of experience.

Perhaps most importantly, I left the conference with a good feel for the outstanding and growing Drupal community. Drupal developers and contributors are passionate about what they’re doing. I came away very confident that Drupal is in for a long, successful ride.

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