Drupalcon SF 2010 Day 1 Review

Day 1 for me started off pretty well with a campy Intro to Druapl(con), then a great presentation from Lullabot’s Jeff Eaton, who gave a high level overview of Drupal architecture. Things were choppy after that with a session about Theme preprocess functions that was plagued by a malfunctioning demo and a presenter who spoke too fast.

Lunch (burrito) was good, Dries’ keynote was solid, and a lively session about Drupal 7 delivered by Angie Byron had things moving along well again. But a simplistic and hastily delivered CCK session and a session about executing a Drupal implementation that was little more than common sense provided a frustrating end to the day.

Getting ready for an SEO session now that will hopefully kick off an improved Day 2.

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